Buses in Warsaw

Buses in Warsaw

Warsaw buses operate practically around the clock, making them a rather convenient option for getting around Warsaw. Find out their schedules and fares.

Warsaw's buses are red and yellow and can be found practically everywhere around the city. Warsaw has a fleet of 1,500 buses covering all downtown areas and the suburbs. Although they aren't as fast as the subway or the trams, getting around Warsaw by bus is quite useful if you want to reach the outskirts of the city.


Warsaw's bus network covers several areas of the city. The single ticket goes to the first zone, and the price increases as the bus moves further away, but most of Warsaw's tourist attractions are in Zone 1.

You can check the stops of each Warsaw bus line on the official website of the transport company:

Schedules and frequency

Warsaw buses operate from 5 am to 11 pm every day. After that time, night buses cover almost the same routes, but they don't run as often, every half hour. Daytime buses run every 10 minutes.


Transport tickets are valid for the Warsaw subway, tram, and bus. They can be purchased at machines in metro stations and at some bus and streetcar stops. Buses and streetcars also sell tickets inside, but you can only pay by card or with the exact amount of cash. Remember to validate your ticket once inside the bus.

Warsaw bus fares vary according to the type of bus:

  • Standard ticket: 4.40 (US$ 1.10). It lasts 75 minutes after validation.
  • Full day ticket: 15 (US$ 3.80).
  • Weekend ticket: 24 (US$ 6.10). It can be used from Friday at 7 pm to Monday at 8 am.

Seniors over 70 and children under 7 years old can use the Warsaw buses free of charge.