Prices in Warsaw

Warsaw stands out as one of the most budget-friendly large cities in Europe. Despite being Poland's capital, prices in Warsaw are notably affordable, particularly when it comes to food and transportation, making it a cheap travel destination compared to many other European cities.

Some Examples

Here's a list of prices for key products in Warsaw:

Food and drinks

  • Latte: 6 (US$ 1.50)
  • Half-liter beer pitcher: 8 (US$ 2)
  • Two-course meal in a Market Square restaurant: 16 (US$ 17.30)
  • Meal in a milk bar: 20 (US$ 5.10)


  • One-way bus ticket: 4.40 (US$ 1.10)
  • 24-hour public transport pass for Zone 1: 15 (US$ 3.80)
  • Taxi from the airport to the city center: 160 (US$ 40.50)


  • Double room in a central hotel: starting at 45 (US$ 48.60) per night