Warsaw's Old Town Market Place

Warsaw's Old Town Market Place

Strolling through the Old Town Market Square is a journey through Warsaw's history. The colorful houses and the warrior mermaid sculpture symbolize this square, which was destroyed during World War II.

The Market Square stands as a poignant reflection of Warsaw's history. Originally a bustling hub for trade, trials, and public events, this square has faced devastating fires and ultimate destruction by the Nazis during World War II.

Photographs in the Warsaw Museum depicting the aftermath of the bombing reveal the square's resilience. Today, the meticulously reconstructed colorful houses, reminiscent of pre-war times, grace the square thanks to the artistry of a Polish painter. Only three structures remain original.

Market Square Activities

This vibrant square is the beating heart of Warsaw, offering a lively ambiance. Explore numerous souvenir stores and bars to grab a drink, witness local artists showcasing their creations, and enjoy the melodies of street musicians. The Market Square is also a gastronomic haven, boasting some of the best dining options in Warsaw.

Intertwined with Warsaw's history, the Market Square hosts two essential landmarks: the Warsaw Museum and the iconic warrior mermaid, the symbol of the city.

The Warsaw Mermaid

The city's emblem, a mermaid wielding a sword and shield, has its roots in a centuries-old legend, tracing back to Warsaw's origins.

Two mermaid sisters voyaged from the Atlantic Ocean to the Baltic Sea. While one settled in Copenhagen, the other swam up the Vistula River, reaching Warsaw. Captured by a merchant, she was later rescued by a Polish fisherman, enchanted by her cry.

In gratitude, the mermaid pledged to defend Warsaw with her sword and shield whenever the city required. The city's name, Warszawa, emerged from the union of the fisherman's name (War) and the mermaid's (Szawa).

The mermaid statue in the Market Square is a replica, with the original housed in the Warsaw Museum. Remarkably, the model who posed for the sculptor met a heroic fate defending the city during the Warsaw Uprising, embodying a poignant chapter of the legend.