Monuments and attractions

Monuments and attractions

What are the key attractions in Warsaw? Discover the top monuments of the Polish capital and ensure you don't overlook any must-see sites in Warsaw.

Tourist attractions

Old Town Market Place

Explore Market Square, the heart of Warsaw's Old Town and home to the iconic symbol of the capital—the mermaid. Uncover the charm of Warsaw's main square.

Royal Castle

Warsaw Royal Castle has been home to Polish kings and presidents. Learn about the history of Warsaw Castle and its rebirth from the rubble.

Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of Culture and Science is a skyscraper in Warsaw and one of the tallest in Poland. Find out the opening hours & prices of its observation deck.


The Barbican is the most medieval area in Warsaw. Despite being destroyed by the Nazis, these historic walls still preserve bricks from the 15th century.

St. John’s Archcathedral

St. John's Cathedral is the main Catholic temple of the Old City and rose from the ashes after World War II. Learn about its history.

St. Anne's Church

St. Anne's Church in Warsaw has a spectacular interior and offers unique views of the Old Town. Find out the prices and opening hours of St. Anne's Church.

Łazienki Park

Lazienki Royal Park is the largest park in Warsaw and is home to several palaces, theaters, gardens, animals and the famous Chopin sculpture.

Praga District

Warsaw's Praga District is an area that combines history, modern art, graffiti, cafes, and museums. Find out how to get to the Praga neighborhood.

University Botanical Gardens

The University of Warsaw Library Garden is a verdant oasis on elevated terrain where nature and architecture harmoniously coexist. Here's how to get there.

St. Florian's Cathedral

St. Florian's Cathedral is the tallest cathedral in Warsaw. Its two 75-meter (250-foot) towers can be seen from pretty much everywhere around the city.