Taxis in Warsaw

Taxis in Warsaw

Taxis in Warsaw are more affordable than in other European capitals like Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Explore taxi fares in Warsaw and find contact numbers for major cab companies.

Although cab rides in Warsaw are comparatively cheap, they are still the most expensive means of transport in the city. You'll find cabs near practically all tourist attractions.

There are several cab companies in Warsaw, so you'll see black and yellow, white, and gray cabs. In almost all of them, you can pay by credit card. If you carry cash, remember that only zloty are accepted.


  • Base fare: 8 (US$ 2)
  • Per kilometer traveled: 2.40 (US$ 0.60)
  • One hour waiting time: 40 (US$ 10.20)

Some typical routes

Here are some examples of common routes in the capital to give you an idea of the price of cab rides in Warsaw:

  • Chopin Airport to the city center: between 35 (US$ 8.90) and 50 (US$ 12.80)
  • Old Town to the Palace of Culture: between 15 (US$ 3.80) and 20 (US$ 5.10)

Taxi hubs in Warsaw

The main cab stands in Warsaw are located at the Central Station, near the Palace of Culture and Science, and in front of the Royal Castle. Another central area where you're sure to find a cab in Warsaw is the Barbican, at the gates of the Old Town.

Cab company phone numbers

  • MPT: +48 22 19 191. This is a state-owned company.
  • Super Taxi: +48 22 196 22. This company is usually the cheapest.
  • Ele Taxi: +48 22 811 11 11

Uber in Warsaw

The emergence of Warsaw as a major cosmopolitan capital has attracted ride-sharing companies like Uber to the city, offering a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional taxis, especially with the ease of managing trips through your phone.

On the Uber website, you can calculate the approximate rates for different trips in Warsaw, although remember that the final price varies depending on the demand of the moment: