University of Warsaw Botanical Gardens

University of Warsaw Botanical Gardens

Perched atop the roof of the University of Warsaw Library, one of the city's most enchanting green spaces awaits. This space holds a lush forest with winding pathways, meandering water streams, and breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

Situated a stone's throw from the Copernicus Science Center, the University of Warsaw Library (BUW) stands out as one of the capital's most distinctive modern structures. What sets it apart is the university's rooftop garden, a captivating green oasis that ranks among Poland's most beautiful open spaces.

Exploring the University Gardens

The architectural uniqueness of the Warsaw University Library is immediately apparent. The rooftop gardens, in particular, create a fascinating contrast against the library's exterior made of glass and crystal. A leisurely stroll through the rooftop garden unveils verdant walkways, offering glimpses into the library through its transparent walls.

Venturing inside the building, visitors have the opportunity to explore the Polish Poster Gallery—a showcase of historical, political, cultural, and activist posters.




Buses: lines 185 and 385
Subway: Centrum Nauki Kopernik (line 2)