Shopping in Warsaw - Local products, stores, and shopping malls
Shopping in Warsaw

Shopping in Warsaw

Explore the variety of souvenirs available in Warsaw, including amber jewelry, ceramics, and antiques. Whether you prefer browsing through small souvenir shops or exploring large shopping malls, the Polish capital offers unique and memorable products to take home.

What to buy in Warsaw

1. Amber Jewelry: Warsaw has specialized stores offering Baltic amber jewelry, a beautiful golden material unique to this region. Explore necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key chains, and other gifts adorned with amber stones.

2. Boleslawiec Ceramics: Check out dishes and pots crafted from distinctive ceramics featuring a blend of blue and white tones. Adorned with folkloric motifs or Polish phrases, these ceramics make for charming gifts.

3. Liqueurs: Embrace the flavors of Warsaw with Polish drinks, including renowned Polish vodka, zubrówka, or cherry liqueur. These liqueurs are sought-after gifts and a delicious way to experience local traditions.

4. Wooden Figures: Almost every store in Warsaw showcases small wooden figures of animals, religious icons, monuments, and other symbolic representations of the capital.

5. Posters and Photographs: Commemorate Warsaw's history, including the poignant events of World War II, through posters and photographs available as postcards. Specialized galleries and gift shops offer unique Polish posters and paintings capturing this significant period.

6. Antiques and Relics: Explore the streets of the Old Town to discover hidden antique stores featuring a diverse array of objects related to World War II, such as medals, chains, crucifixes, and more. These relics offer a tangible connection to the city's past.

Streets and shopping areas

You'll find the prime shopping area in Warsaw on Nowy Swiat Street. This elegant avenue, adorned with neoclassical buildings, is lined with prestigious brand stores, diverse shops, and inviting terraces to grab a drink. It's the ultimate shopping destination in Warsaw.

For those seeking unique souvenirs, venture into the charming old part of the city. Here, numerous stores showcase and sell typical products, allowing you to discover authentic Warsaw keepsakes.

Shopping malls in Warsaw

1. Arkadia: As Poland's largest shopping mall, Arkadia boasts over 200 stores featuring national and international brands, around thirty diverse restaurants catering to all tastes, and 15 cinema screens. If you're seeking a shopping experience in Warsaw, Arkadia is the place to go!

2. Zlote Tarasy: Located just a few meters from the Palace of Culture and Science, this is Warsaw's most modern and accessible shopping center. Recognizable by its distinctive glass facade, Zlote Tarasy hosts a variety of stores, restaurants, and leisure services.

3. Klif: Situated on the city's outskirts, Klif is best reached by car. Regarded as one of Warsaw's most comprehensive shopping centers, Klif offers stores from prestigious international brands that are hard to find elsewhere in the city.

4. Blue City: While this mall is a bit distant from the center of Warsaw, it's worth a visit for its striking interior architecture—various floors of the mall have an immersive underwater simulation experience!